September 27–28, 2017

American Pharma Outsourcing Summit 2017

DoubleTree by Hilton Boston North Shore · Boston, MA

Key Speakers

  • David Lowndes

    SVP, Head Small Molecule Operating Unit

  • Greg Troiano

    VP, Nanomedicine Development and Manufacturing

  • Michele Johnson

    Head, External Supply Operations (ESO) Procurement, Americas

  • Charles Forsaith

    Director, Supply Chain Security
    Purdue Pharma
    Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition

  • Terry Simmons

    VP, Purchasing and Supplier Management

  • Steve Cook

    Head, Global Biologic Supply Chain Operations
    MedImmune, a member of the AstraZeneca Group

Featured Attendees

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About the American Pharma Outsourcing Summit

The Generis American Pharma Outsourcing Summit sets the standard on how the industry should connect and exchange ideas.

The summit is designed to provide pharmaceutical outsourcing executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices in manufacturing, outsourcing, capacity management, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, operational excellence, supply chain and logistics. This unique summit brings together manufacturing and supply chain-focused leaders involved in the business of pharmaceutical outsourcing. Network with over 150 of your peers as we explore strategies to maximize efficiency while remaining compliant in an ever-evolving environment.

Key Themes


  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of Keeping Production In-House or Outsourcing
  • Making the Right Choice: What to Look for When Selecting Partners to Build Capacity
  • Working Closely with Procurement Teams to Get the Best Relationship and Value Out of Partnerships and Alliances
  • Gaining a Competitive Edge in Your Operations through Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  • Harnessing the Power of Supplier Management and Collaboration for Mutual Value Creation
  • Preparing for Industry Disruption and Innovation Now
  • Decreasing Costs and Time While Increasing Productivity and Profitability through Proper Life-Cycle Management
  • Taking a Risk-Based Approach to Supplier and Raw Material Management
  • Strategies for Managing Suppliers in Your Network
  • Mapping and Monitoring Your Supply Chain to Mitigate Product and Supply Risk
  • Navigating Supply Chain Complexity for Inventory Build and Planning
  • Driving Total Value and Innovation in Your Organization


  • Best Techniques for Improving Communication with Contractors
  • Technology Transfer: Monitoring Processes to Identify Gaps in Knowledge and Technology Early-On
  • Bridging Culture and Communication Gaps to Help Strengthen Relationships
  • Keeping Your Outsourcing Project On-Time and On-Budget
  • Overcoming Issues During Technology Transfer
  • Optimizing Your Processes in a Contractor’s Plant or Lab
  • Enabling Business Growth by Reducing Manufacturing Complexity
  • Setting Up Better Systems to Share Data and Capture Ideas
  • Change Order Best Practices: How Do You Prevent Surprises?
  • Serialization 2018: Examining U.S. Industry Regulations that Go into Effect this Year
  • Accelerating Timelines When Working with CROs/CMOs
  • Improving Quality Audits and the Technical Evaluation of CMOs
  • Best Techniques for Performing a Change Order


  • Designing and Implementing Business Structures to Improve Partnerships
  • Engaging Your Suppliers to Better Mitigate Risk
  • Contract Techniques for Achieving Sourcing and Procurement Excellence
  • Technology Solutions for Managing External Partners
  • Capitalizing on the Benefits Digitalization Brings to Sourcing and Procurement Teams
  • New Tools and Technology That Can Create a Lean, Agile Procurement Organization
  • Exploring the Latest Trends in Cold Chain Management
  • Exploring Communication Techniques to Improve Customer and Vendor Relationship Management
  • How to Exchange Data and Get it Right with CMOs and 3PLs
  • Examining New U.S. Regulations That Go Into Effect in 2018
  • Eliminating Mistakes in Your Quality Agreement
  • Developing the Right Skills in Your Procurement Team

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The Summit Experience
Truly a conference where ideas and collaboration throughout the industry is facilitated. I had hoped the conference would be an avenue for professional growth and development and the summit has exceeded my expectations. Good Job!Ferris Harmon, Nektar Theraputics
The Conference was good. The presentations were all interesting, with sufficient breaks between sessions to talk with vendors and other attendeesJim Stahl, Promedior

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Pharma Outsourcing Conference
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