October 9-10, 2023

American Pharma Manufacturing
& Outsourcing Summit

Westin Copley, Boston


  • Christopher Milano

    VP, External Manufacturing Quality
    Bristol Myers Squibb

  • Michele Johnson

    Head, External Supply Operations Procurement, Americas

  • Thomas Holmes

    Chief Technology Operations Officer
    Amylyx Pharmaceuticals

  • Kate Skrable

    VP, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

  • Karin Ann Payne

    VP, Quality Assurance

  • Vimal Gandhi

    Head, Global Medical Affairs and Evidence Procurement

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About the American Pharma Manufacturing & Outsourcing Summit

The Generis American Pharma Manufacturing & Outsourcing Summit sets the standard on how the industry should connect and exchange ideas.

The summit is designed to provide pharmaceutical executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices in manufacturing, outsourcing, capacity management, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, operational excellence, supply chain and logistics. This unique summit brings together manufacturing and supply chain-focused leaders involved in the business of pharmaceutical outsourcing. Network with over 150 of your peers as we explore strategies to maximize efficiency while remaining compliant in an ever-evolving environment.

Key Themes


  • Exploring how manufacturers responded to the COVID-19 crisis and their outcomes
  • Reimagining in-house vs. outsourcing decisions after COVID-19
  • Invest in agility, resiliency and collaboration
  • Examining CDMO selection and management techniques
  • Gaining alignment with contract partners to better manage capacity and risk
  • Streamlining scale-up and technology transfer to CMOs
  • Relationship management best practices that help keep your network connected
  • Sourcing and selecting partners with technical capabilities and mutually aligned goals


  • Setting the quality vision for your organization and enabling success
  • Selecting the right tools to effectively manage quality and compliance programs
  • Building a culture based on quality and compliance
  • Managing external systems and pipelines to ensure high-quality products
  • Performing audits focused on compliance with cGMPs and quality
  • Best practices for reviewing quality and performance metrics
  • Examining data integrity challenges with contract manufacturers
  • Enhancing sterility testing of currently approved products


  • Reviewing the impact of complex pandemic scenarios affecting global supply chains
  • Managing vendor relationships with decreased in-person or on-site interactions
  • Exploring changes to procurement in recent years, and what to expect
  • How to manage demand, supply and inventory on a global scale
  • Optimizing logistics, distribution and organizational design
  • Methods to mitigate risk and avoid product shortages
  • Improving supply-chain traceability with track-and-trace serialization
  • Optimizing your supply network using automation and real-time data

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Generis provides unique sponsorship opportunities for organizations with innovative and timely solutions for the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry. The summit provides these organizations with direct access to VPs, Directors and Senior Executives involved in capacity management, outsourcing, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management. Build your best path to conversion through direct engagement and generate measurable results using our customized packages, extensive networking opportunities, trademarked Marketing 365 initiative and organized 1-to-1 meetings!


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LIMITED NUMBER of exhibitors

We limit the number of sponsors at our events to ensure that quality interactions occur on the floor. We bring only the most relevant, capable and credible thought leaders to our events to meet with our delegates and speaker faculty.

Senior Level Delegates

Generis summits are invitation only. Registrations are only granted to delegates who meet our strict qualification and seniority standards.

Thought Leadership

Unlike other conferences, speaking opportunities at Generis events are tailored to your needs. We offer you direct access to a highly targeted audience that makes the decision on what their business will do next. Join our speaker faculty!


Full access to specific and detailed business intelligence on each attending delegate including a detailed profile and their key areas of focus/investment via our proprietary attendee database.

To ensure the exclusivity of our event we have password protected our pages. Access is granted to qualified individuals and companies who meet the requirements for attendance. To Request Access to our gated pages, please click here.

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities and the range of services offered in our packages, please contact us and we will follow up with you shortly.

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